What is 1AP?

First of all, we created the appropriate legal background – and thus a long-term security. The founding of the 1APayment Holding is completed. The registration of the company took place in Singapore. Through different subsidiaries in the individual continents and countries, we will deal with the local conditions.


Can I pay my rent, electricity or phone bill with cryptocurrency today? Can I pay for my car with Bitcoins at any dealer? The first own apartment – why not pay with Litecoins? Paying for your next family holidays with Dogecoins – does it work today? No!

Everyone should have access to certain financial instruments, not only to make transactions but also to be able to pay normal bills. 1A Payment is a platform which acts as a bridge between cryptocurrency and a traditional national currency. A solution that integrates perfectly into the current market situation and is designed for the future.

A platform that our users can use to pay any kind of bills with cryptocurrency, to exchange cryptos in Euro, Dollar and other Fiat currencies or to pay on payment providers like PerfectMoney or Payeer, worldwide money transfer like WorldRemit or WesternUnion, or with bank transfer and/or own debit card. For the partial range of the calculation payment there are so far only regional providers, which are limited to the payment of invoices or the disbursement on the own account. We would like to offer this service from one source worldwide.

• Send crypto currencies worldwide to friends, relatives or companies in a short  time without high transaction fees. 

• Use crypto currencies to pay invoices. 

• Food- and online-shopping is facilitated by a debitcard. 

• Even a car purchase with cryptos is possible via 1APayment.

Technical Specifications

Token:  Standard ERC20 Token

Smart contract address:  0xa881eb99ef00d25e3d971371ce595edc42ddeb41 

Changing ERC20 Walletadress:  (exchange token /Coins) 0xf4acb16c00be72a7e64c55567e4ff87cf3f0e1b4

Coin 1AP: 

Ticker:  1AP 

Coin Staking Rewards: 60% per year

Coin type: POW/POS

Algorithm: Script

Maximum supply: 80.000.000

Block time: 60 seconds


How to get Started? 

  1. Buy 1AP Token on the Exchanger!
  2. Download and install your 1AP Wallet!
  3. Change the token into coins on our Website!
  4. Let the 1AP Coin wallet open, than you receive your Stakes!

Coin Staking Rewards: 60% per year

Minimum Stake age: 8 Hours

Max Stake age: Unlimited

Transactions confirmations: 6 blocks

Target timespan: 1 block

Block time: 60 seconds

What is Staking?

Where to Buy


Windows Wallet

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Token:  Standard ERC20 Token

Smart contract address:  0xa881eb99ef00d25e3d971371ce595edc42ddeb41 

How To Tutorials

  1. Backup your Wallet – Tutorial
  2. Find your APPDATA File – Tutorial

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