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We are 1APayment

Your Full Payment Processing Service Provider In The Crypto Space

Our Services



  • Unlimited invoices
  • 3 simple steps 
  • Use cryptos
  • Pay your invoice
  • More than 5 coins accepted



  • Setup passive income
  • unlimited Income
  • Knowledge Base
  • Paid Premium Support
  • Free Support



  • Trust
  • using Cryptos
  • Pay ALL
  • use for: vehicles,
  • Web development …



  • Get your coin
  • Get Your MN or ST Coin
  • Additional services
  • incl. sourcecode
  • Linux and Windows wallet

1APayment Features

Setup Passive Income

easiest setup with masternode and staking coins

Masternode Hosting Service

For each coin you can get node or masternode server.

Additional rewards for AP1 Masternode owner

get rewards and commissions for AP1 masternode.

Additional commission for user

earn referral commission and commission on fees.

Need help?


you need help, please have a look here on the tutorials and if you want more help, please contact us directly. We offer free support and fast paid Premium support!

We offer Services around Masternode and Staking.