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The Exchange of 1AP Holding starts:


Invoice Payment

After the successfull beta phase. You can pay your invoice with Bitcoin and Altcoins. 

new release coming soon


With an international payment license we can easily co-operate with daughter companies and work with banking services, payment processors and in the future with our own complete banking license giving you a complete bank account and credit cards.



First Blockchain

POS - No Masternode rewards but
high Staking rewards with 60% per year



Planned at the end of September 2018
to the new second Blockchain


Second Blockchain

Hybrid POW/POS with Masternodes rewards and Staking rewards (80%/20%)


Smart Contract Address: 


Current Blockchain

Get passive income with staking 1AP coins!

You can use 1AP and stake your coins for an additional 60% yearly rewards!

Future Blockchain After Coinswap

The distribution with the new blockchain will then be adjusted: 15 % per year, of which 80% for masternodes and 20% for staking. In addition, there is a profit share for MasterNodes owners on 1tUS and also a profitshare in the Exchanger.

Change Token To Coins

Coins to token and also token to coins change here! 


After the Coinswap we offer Masternodes and Staking Rewards (Coinswap planned: end of september 2018) 

Coin Type

Hybrid MN / POS

MAX Supply

80000000 Coins

Block Time

60 seconds

Masternodes collateral

50000 Coins

Masternodes rewards

80 %

Staking rewards

20 %

Coin staking min. age

8 h

aditional for verified MN Owner

pool: 5% per year profitsharing of capcryp
pool: 5% per year profitsharing of 1tUS


Get passive income with staking 1AP coins. 

You can use 1AP and stake your coins for an additional up to 60% yearly rewards!

How To Install 1AP Wallet

Install your 1AP wallet on Windows! 

Backup Your Wallet

How to backup your 1AP wallet! 

Find File on your PC

Find your %APPDATA% file of 1AP! 

1AP Token Guides

Install MetaMask in Chrome

MetaMask send 1AP Token

The Exchange

How to buy 1AP Token or 1AP Coins? How does it work? Where to buy?