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What is 1APayment?

A combination of bank, exchanger, payment platform and transfer service. 

1AP Coin

You can use 1AP and stake your coins for an additional 60% yearly return rate!

The StableCoin 1tUS

All issued coins are hedged with the same amount of USDollar.

What We Do

Combination of Exchanger, money transfer service und banking products

Invoice Payment

You can pay the phone bill, the rent or the new car with Bitcoins.


One of the currently most discussed financial instruments are the so-called cryptocurrencies, i.e. digital means of payment, which are supposed to be a real alternative to our national currencies. Currently, such „cryptocurrencies” are mainly used as a speculative object and not as a currency. Thus, the payment of invoices with cryptocurrencies rarely possible. One of the factors here is the high exchange rate fluctuations and the acceptance of companies to accept such cryptographic currencies. So people and also companies therefore are depended on transactions via conventional systems such as SEPA, SWIFT or TARGET.

The Benefits

60% Annual Stake

1AP Coin bag holders receive up to 60% return per year for being an active node on the network. Now anyone can create real recurring income!


1APayment is security focused and is continually looking for ways to ensure the security of the blockchain.

1AP Wallets

1AP is an ERC20 Token and a Coin. You can exchange your Token to Coins and Coins to Token only on the 1APayment webpage.  

Please do not sent Token to a Coin address or Coins to a Token address.


Download your Wallet for your Windows Desktop.

Linux Wallet

Download your Wallet for your Linux. 

ERC20 Token

Smart Contract: 0xa881eb99ef00d25e3d971371ce595edc42ddeb41

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About Us

First of all, we create the appropriate legal background – and thus a long-term security. The founding of the 1APayment company is  completed. Through an international New Zealand banking license, it is also legally and tax law feasible. The registration of the company took place in Singapore. Through different subsidiaries in the individual continents and countries, we will deal with the local conditions.


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